Wednesday, 28 September 2016

We're Really Proud!

This week Mrs Armstrong was really proud of the Robins in maths.

Gaith has been learning to know all about his numbers to 5. Today he did some amazing work showing what he has learnt about these numbers. Gaith, Mrs Armstrong and all of the Year One teachers are very proud of you!

Albie has done some great work learning his number stories to 6 and 7. Albie has even been writing in his new Year One maths book. It looks very neat Albie, well done.

Laur worked very hard today using a flower partition board and cubes to help her make number stories to 7. Laur wrote her number stories on a whiteboard, her number formation was amazing. Brilliant job Laur.

Sunday, 25 September 2016

Hooray! It's Today!

Hooray it's today...and today we are back! The Year One at Al Yasmina Blog is back and we are all excited. While we have been quiet on here behind the scenes we have been busy. We have been busy bees learning all about our topic 'Marvellous Me' and racing on with all our learning. Our teachers have been busy too and are so excited for the coming weeks as we charge into our new topic, keep checking in to see what it is!

Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Robins' Star of the Week!

Alex was Robins' Star of the Week last week. Alex showed excellent behaviour in Robins class and showed all of the Year One expectations. Hamish Robin went home with Alex, he  enjoyed a sleep over with friends, swimming and watched Alex's gymnastics class.  Hamish said his favorite was the gymnastics and he said Alex is really great at gymnastics.


Funny Bones Science!

Our science topic at the moment is Animals including Humans. This week we have been looking at bones. We pointed to our own bones, tried to decide what bones are and made some decisions about why we need bones. Sally Scientist helped us to learn about bones in a skeleton. Then we had a go at making our own skeletons using art straws. We really enjoyed making our skeletons. We are now working on labelling them and then they will be up in our classrooms as our very own funny bones.

We got Mrs Dow Stickers!!

Two of our fabulous Larks got Mrs Dow stickers today. Sultan and Ayesha impressed Miss Gorman so much in writing time that they got to share their writing with Mrs Dow. Well done Ayesha and Sultan!

Monday, 5 September 2016

Sparrows' Star of the Week!

Kylie Kangaroo has had an amazing weekend with Jonty, she especially loved playing lego with Jonty. Jonty was Star of the Week because all week he listened carefully and followed instructions. Jonty was also very kind and helpful to Mrs Hough who had her first week teaching at Al Yasmina Academy last week. Well done Jonty, Kylie Kangaroo loved spending time with you at home.

Doves' Star of the Week!

Keira was the brilliant Star of the Week in Doves last week. Last week was Keiras first week at Al Yasmina Academy and she settled in so well. Keira played and learnt with her new friends in Doves and had a lovely smile all week. Well done Keira! Hamish Dove had a great weekend with Keira on his first sleepover for the year, he even made friends with a dog!


Sunday, 4 September 2016

Larks' Star of the Week

Alex was Star of the Week last week for being a great and helpful friend at school and for her awesome work at all of the different table activities we had this week, especially the writing. Gilbert had a great weekend with Alex, it was his first sleepover and Alex did a great job at keeping him safe. He got dressed up, ate treats, had a sleep and made Alex happy!

Cuckoos' Star of the Week

Michael was nominated by his Cuckoos peers to be the Star of the Week for displaying great enthusiasm towards his learning and for showing kindness to others. He took Marvin our pink monkey home and had a busy weekend: teaching him to play on the play station, have fun on the beach, attend a birthday party and play with a cute puppy!

Saturday, 3 September 2016

Marvellous Me

Almost all of us have shared our Marvellous Me bags. It certainly was a MARVELLOUS way to get to know each other. Here are some for you to look at. What can we learn from each of these Marvellous Me bags?

Finishing Week One and Charging into Week Two!

Year One had a very exciting Thursday afternoon last week, our Star of the Week friends went of on their first overnight stays with our Stars of the Week! Hamish Dove the Highland Cow, Hamish Robin the Highland Cow, Gilbert the Giraffe, Kylie the Kangaroo and Marvin the Monkey all went home with outstanding Year One students who I am sure have had a very busy weekend, we are all looking forward to seeing their diary entries and we will share them on the blog next week.

We have an exciting week two ahead. In the Year One classrooms we will be working on our numbers with loads of practical activities to practice our counting. We also will be starting our science topic by looking at labelling the human body and discovering at the skeleton.

We hope Year One enjoyed their first reading books of the year this weekend, this week we start guided reading in class, the teachers can't wait to hear the amazing Year One readers!