Thursday, 15 December 2016

Pirate Adventure

Last week the Year One Pirates pilled onto three ships that looked a bit like buses and travelled to the Corniche to have a Pirate Adventure.

We followed treasure maps to find Captain Pats treasure, we built sand castles that any pirate king or queen would be proud to live in, we filled containers with salty sea water, we paddled in the same waters the Pirate Pats sails his ship in and we ate ice-cream just like any good pirate would on a sunny beach day.  Then we had our lunch in the sun and played on the pirate ship before heading back as very sleepy pirates to school.

Thank you everyone who came along to our Pirate Adventure. We loved it!

Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Paint like a Pirate

Last week early one morning we picked up a t-shirt, grabbed a paint brush and pulled on an apron.
What were we going to do???
We were making Pirate T-Shirts! We were very creative and preserved because painting a pirate on a t-shirt isn't easy at all. Our mums, dads and nanny's came in to help us and we are super proud of our t-shirts. Thanks everyone for coming along to help us, we just love having our families in our classroom for DT mornings.

Tuesday, 13 December 2016

National Day in Doves

National Day in Doves was very exciting. The Doves children learnt all about the emirate Dubai. The Doves loved dressing up for National Day.

National Day in Cuckoos

National Day last week was very exciting in Cuckoos. The enjoyed wearing their red, white, green and black. They were very creative with their learning about the Sharjah Eye.

Saturday, 3 December 2016

Coming up!

It is a really big week coming up!

In literacy we will be learning about the order of the alphabet and how to form capital letters. In maths we are continuing with number. In mindup we are mindfully smelling and tasting. And we are continuing to work with beets in computing.

Sunday - All is quiet, Year 1 will be in their classrooms finishing off their Pirate learning.

Monday - We are going to visit the Heritage Village at Al Yasmina Academy in the morning. Families are welcome to come along with your child's class. The Doves are going at 8am, the Cuckoos are going at 8.20am, the Robins are going at 8.40am, the Sparrows are going at 9am and the Larks are going at 9.20am. (Please note the Larks and Cuckoos have revised times these here are correct)

Tuesday - Our DT morning from 8.15am until 9am. Come along and help us to paint a Pirate t-shirt.

Wednesday - We are off on a Pirate Adventure to the Corniche. (please note we are still awaiting approval on this)

Thursday - The Winter Carnival at Al Yasmina Academy.

It is an exciting week with lots going on. There are a few things that each child needs to be bringing into school this week. A white t-shirt for the t-shirt painting, please bring this to school before Tuesday. An item for their class giving back box. And also if there are any outstanding homework takeaway sheets to come back we would love to see these sheets so we can give you your house points.

Please let us know if you need any clarification on the busy week ahead!

National Day in Sparrows

It was a wonderfull National Day in Sparrows. They all look wonderful in their red, green, white and black. The Sparrows learnt the seven Emirates song, were creative, did a quiz and drew some camels. Sparrows also enjoyed sharing all of the food Year One brought in to share with each other!

National Day in Larks

Larks had a wonderful National Day. We were creative in our classroom making hats, finger print painting flags, making flag hand prints, learning the Seven Emirates song, and making a great collage of Ras al Khaimah for our house competition. During the day we all talked about why we love the UAE and everything we have done here. Check out our photos below.