We are the lovely Larks, and we are a beautiful group of Year One children. We come from all over the world, in fact we come from 14 counties, even as far away as Australia, South Africa and Canada! We love to talk about our home countries and hear about where our friends come from.  Larks love to learn, play and discover, our classroom is a great place for this. We are all friends in Larks and love being kind to each other. One of our special friends is Gilbert, he is a giraffe who lives in our class and visits our homes on the weekend, we love Gilbert. Larks class is in Rowling house, our colour is red we work very hard to earn house points for our house. We love being the lovely Larks and love being in Year One at Al Yasmina Academy. 


  1. Hello Year 1 Lark's,
    excellent job on making a picnic for your parents

  2. We are really looking forward to our pirate adventure at the Corniche Beach!

  3. Hello larks !
    How are you larks?
    Are you having fun?
    See you tomorrow

  4. I had lots of fun in the park last week, and I played with my friends.
    I want to do it again !
    from Hannah

  5. Talya: larks is the best ❤💖😃

  6. I love larks ❤️
    Sultan Alkhoori

  7. We are looking forward to the Green Fingers play! Love, Katrina.