Friday, 25 November 2016

Innovation Week

This week in the UAE it is innovation week.

Pirate Pat had a problem this week and we needed to be innovative and find a solution to Pirate Pat's problem.

Pirate Pat had lost his treasure on the island and with his wooden leg it was to difficult for him to walk back and find his treasure. We had to think innovatively and create a solution for Pirate Pat so he could have his treasure back.

We designed robots and then made a code to tell them how to get around the island. The robot couldn't go through swamps or lakes, it could only go forwards, go backwards, turn left and turn right.

Have a look at us working innovatively on a solution for Pirate Pat.

Our codes looked like F F F TR F F TL F F. Can you figure out the code?

In our shared area this week we also saw children being innovative making a vehicle big enough for all of the children to fit. We couldn't decide if it was a car, bus, train or bike. What do you think?

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