Sunday, 22 January 2017

Have you ever thought?

Have you ever thought what do you do when the answer isn't at the end of a maths problem.

What if the missing number is in the middle? Today Year 1 have started to learn about these problems.

Watch this quest video to see how we can solve them with pictures. We could do the same thing with counters or blocks.

Here a a challenge question for any super year 1 mathematicians. 17 + ? = 30 Let us know your answer in the comments below and maybe even leave us missing number problem.


  1. Help, Larks! These are BIG numbers and I don't have that many fingers! I think I need to draw 17 first... Can you 'SHOW ME" please so I can learn from you?

    Perhaps you can help me also with this problem:

    13 plastic bottles + ___________ = 20 plastic bottles!

  2. Thank you, Arnav and Malak for your super help! I feel that I can do it now!