Saturday, 4 March 2017

Wow! What a discussion these four had!

Arnav, Younus, Katrina and Mansour had an amazing discussion today in their guided reading. They were reading a book called "A Day in India". Arnav is from India and recently went there to visit his family so told Younus, Katrina and Mansour stories about the photos in the book and they had loads of questions. In the end they decided that some things are the same in the UAE and India but there are lots of things that are different. Arnav told us that some taxis don't have doors and shops aren't in malls.
Arnav, Katrina, Younus and Mansour all contirbuted great ideas and thoughts to the discussion. Miss Gorman really enjoyed just being able to listen as these great readers lead their own guided reading session.

Have you been to India? Or do you know something about India? Can you leave us a comment?  Katira, Younus, Arnav and Mansour will read it, they are finding this book very interesting and would love to know more.


  1. What a special discussion. I wish I was there to talk about India! I loved seeing all of the ladies in their beautiful sari's when I visited.