Thursday, 20 October 2016

Breaking News!

Mrs Armstrong has been captured by a group of pirates and made to walk the plank! Who will rescue her?


  1. This is what happens when you steal the captains treasure, everyone. The pesky pirates make you walk the plank! Maybe you won't do that again, Mrs Armstrong and instead, you should learn to scrub the deck!

  2. Aaaaaagh!! I be Capt'n 'Arkness the most fearsome pirate that ever sailed the seven seas. I be more Piratey than that there Pirate Astab, my old partner on the ships. I stole more treasure than her. Aargh! She be getting too old to make ye walk the plank. I have lost teeth through scurvy, have a hook and an eyepatch. It's the sailor's life for me!

    I'm not scared of anything, especially sharks. My pirate dance is the best dance in the world. Be careful because I might make you walk the plank! Argh!