Thursday, 13 October 2016

Larks are Reading ebooks

On Wednesday in Larks we tried something new for reading our shared book. Miss Gorman put us in pairs with an ipad. We found Oxford Owl and the ebook Pirate Adventure. Together we read the story helping each other sound out words and join in when we could, it was great having a partner from another reading group to help us with our reading. When we had finished the story we worked together on our ipads to do the activities. We had two activities to do on the ipad, first we had to label a pirate ship and a pirate, next we had to use picture clues to help with comprehension of the story. We all loved reading on the ipads and are excited to be active learners in our shared book again soon. 

You can read ebooks on Oxford Owl as well.Check the link on the side of this blog. 

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