Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Live from Chris White... a real life author.

Right now Year One and Two are listening to Chris White tell us all about his books. He is a real life author. 

At the moment he is getting us to warm up our voices by singing in silly voices. We are finding it really funny. 

Chris just asked us what we were going to do next and he had some funny suggestions. 

Jog with a sausage dog
Get funky with a monkey 
bake a cake with a snake
go ball kickin with a  chicken
visit the moon with a raccoon
make a fuss of a walrus

It turns out Chris was reading his poem. If we use our imagination we can do all of these things!

Chris is so exciting, we will be here for another hour. Later we will comment what our favourite thing Chris tell us is, i'm sure it will be exciting!

Have a look at Chris White's website! And let us know what you think. 

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  1. Larks class have talked about their favourite part of this mornings talk with Chis White.
    "I love his jokes." - Sultan
    "I liked his drawings" - Basil
    "I loved the what the princess says, she puts her finger in her nose." - Hannah
    "I wonder why the princess pulled the butterflies wings off?" - Molly