Sunday, 2 October 2016

Smelly Science

At the moment in Science we are doing experiments to test our sense of smell. We had to smell mystery cups and see if we could work out what was in each cup, some of them smelt delicious and others were not so great.

In the Larks class some of the children were heard saying, "It smells like cupcakes." "It smells like nesquick powder." "It smells like chips." so they had to think what was in each of those things that the smell might be. Can you guess?

We learnt that it is our nose that does the smelling for us. It was difficult to justify why we knew what we were smelling like chocolate, vanilla, vinegar, fish, perfume and lots of others so we started describing the smells and then it became a little easier.  It was great to be able to talk our learning through and be challenge by our friends and teachers with tricky questions.

Check out our pictures of our science experiment. Sometimes we made funny faces when we didn't like the smell!


  1. What a fun science experiment to do! What smells did you like the most?

    1. Definitely the chocolate. From Larks

  2. Great work year one! I wonder what was in the other cups...

  3. We had a really fun time investigating the different smells. My favourite was the cinnamon. I did not like the fishy smell. It nearly made me sick!