Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Mindful Jars

Recently in Year One we have made mindful jars.

The jars help to calm our amygdala, which is like the guard dog in our brain. When things are really crazy and we feel a little jumbled up, stressed or unsettled our guard dog is on guard. To get our amygdala and our brain calm again we can use our mindful jars.

We made our mindful jars so that we can do this at home and we have a special class jar for in school. We shake our jars up and then mindfully watch them only focusing on the pretty glitter in our jars as it settles and as it settles so does our brain.

We watched this youtube video that further explains what is happening in our mindful jar. Take a look if you are interested in these jars.

Here are some photos of the Cuckoos making their jars.

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