Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Shocking Sunday!

Sunday started with quite a shock! When we came in to start our day someone had been in our shared area and made such a mess, chairs were tipped over, paper was thrown all over the place, even our kitchen was pushed over.


Also who ever had been in our shared area had dropped some important, feathers and a treasure chest. When we looked closer we could see a hat and a sword. We started to think our shared area had been overturned by a pirate!

Who could it be?

Some of the children found letters on really really old paper tied up with string. This naughty pirate had left us a letter. We found out that a pirate called Pat had come to our shared area. The pirate must have snuck in while the teachers were in the playground, because no one knew a thing, not even our classroom assistants saw anything!

We are waiting to hear from Pirate Pat again soon and while we wait we are learning all we can about Pirates so we can help Pirate Pat be the best pirate. So far we know that pirates wear hats or bandannas, have swords or cutlass and live on a ship with a flag.

We need all the help we can get with this learning. 

Can you help us to learn about pirates? 

What do you know about pirates? 


  1. Doves found out that if you are a naughty pirate you are made to walk the plank! We also found out what Pirate Pat meant when he said we were landlubbers - it means people who are used to living on land. We've been ever so good at talking like pirates this week. Our favourite word is "Arrr" whenever Mrs Dow gives us an instruction in class!

  2. The Manatu Team at Clutha Valley Primary school had a pirate themed celebration! We had to crack codes to find the treasure.