Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Golden Table Winners

In Key Stage One our children try really hard to move to and from break times quietly and sensibly. We are a big school and we always have to think about other people when we walk around school. It's not always easy to do when you're excited to get out to break.

Mrs Davey has started a golden table at lunch which all of the children are very excited about. Every time we walk to and from break well we get to put a star ball in our house jar, the first house to 10 balls gets to have lunch at the golden table.

The Rowling Larks and the Armstrong Doves have already eaten at the golden table, where we have special table cloths and placemats, star decorations and a special lunch box note to take home. Have a look at the photos of the Year One golden table winners!

Ps. One of the children's favourite things about this is they get to work together with their Year 2 house class, have a look over at Year 2 and see their golden table winners too.

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