Monday, 17 October 2016

Talking Chips

Today the Larks tried a new talking strategy, we wanted to talk about what we were going to write our sentences about. We worked in small groups talking and listening.

We each had 3 talking chips and could only talk when we were putting a chip down, the rest of the time we had to listen to our group. We also had to use all of our talking chips so we had to think carefully about what we did on the weekend to have three things to say.

We are going to continue to use talking chips in Larks to make sure we are all learning to talk and share our ideas equally.

Here is how Larks explain the talking chips.

"When you hold the talking chip you are aloud to speak." Katrina

"When you speak and when you are done you put it down and its the other peoples turn." Arnav

" The talking chips said talk so when you talk to someone you talk about the weekend and you talk about what you did" Kingston

"The talking chips help us to see who is talking and have turns."  Hannah

Check back with us again soon, Larks want to put up a video of themselves using talking chips!

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