Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Small World Storytelling

Today in the shared area Ella and Keira were in our new small world area telling stories together. Mrs Dow recorded one of their stories.

Leave a comment and let the girls know what you think about their story.


  1. What a fantastic story! I was a bit scared when the giant stingray came along! I'm glad it had a happy ending. What else would you like in the water tray to help you tell fantastic stories?

  2. Hi Keira and Ella,
    This is what some Larks have said about your story.
    "Did you know stingrays are poisonous?" - Kingston
    "The sharks in your story were really scary" - Jessica
    "What was stinky in your sea story?" - Celine A
    "I was scared in the part when the ship feel on the shark." - Malak
    Thank you for your story
    From Larks